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The Doshas (3)

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Virgo Sun, Libra Moon, Taurus Rising. You’re familiar with astrology and its practice in guiding you through life’s obstacles. But what if there was a system of science that was not only older than astrology, but did more than help predict where and when you will meet your next love match? Cue Ayurveda.

While we may think of Indian food, yoga, and acupuncture when we hear the term “Ayurveda,” this 5,000-year-old system contains a specialized guidebook that outlines your unique and particular constitution – welcome to the doshas. 

The 3 doshas (universal energies) are known as Vata (air + ether), Pitta (fire + water), and Kapha (water + earth), and are based on elemental theories (similar to Chinese medicine). Doshas define the building blocks of life and wellness.

Each has a different physical and mental archetype. Vata types are often individuals with slim builds, sensitive nervous systems and quick minds. Pitta types are generally the most passionate and goal-oriented of the three doshas because they tend to be perfectionists who want everything to go according to plan. Kapha types, however, are known for their easygoing natures and as the peacekeepers of the three doshas. 

Aevi’s understanding of the doshas has helped us implement the theory of Ayurveda into our Nourishing Face Oil. Ayurveda beams with oil therapies, and our oil is tri-doshic (meant for all three doshas), with its ability to calm, replenish, and bring out your inner radiance.

Now, let’s diver deeper into each dosha's physical and mental traits:


VATA: Air + Ether



As the energy that helps you move, Vata people can be a bit spacey. Do you understand abstract concepts quickly, but are easily distracted? Sometimes Vata’s feel as if they’re floating through life. They eat fast, move fast, talk fast, and are enthusiastic, social, and creative. They are easily adaptable to change and like variety. They learn quickly but forget quickly and need lists/reminders.

Without Vata, life in the body would not exist. Their stature includes:

– Light bones and muscles
– Long frame, cool skin
– Small, defined features
– Have a hard time gaining weight and easy to lose it
– Digestion is variable, hunger is unpredictable.


PITTA: Fire + Water



Pitta dosha is your oily, hot, fire-nature that thrives on adversity. Pitta dosha is responsible for digestion, metabolism, and “heat” in the body. Find yourself being easily goal-oriented and disciplined? Pitta’s are practical, realistic, and down-to-earth. You can easily recognize your Pitta folks because they are organized, passionate, sharp-witted, and concise.

Pitta is the fire that keeps life burning bright – but burn too brightly, and Pitta can burn! Some of their stature includes:

– Warm skin
– Intense eyes
– Strong appetite and digestion
– Medium builds
– Clear glowing complexion – although when out of balance, redness and breakouts can occur 


KAPHA: Earth + Water



Have a warm, nurturing, soft, grounded nature? You are most likely Kapha. Kapha dosha is the quality that makes us human. It's the quality that gives us that big warm hug and makes us feel safe and secure in a tight-knit community. 

Kaphas are serene, steady, and dependable with a calming influence on their friends and family. You can blame Kaphas for every social gathering you've been to where people sit around talking and opening up to each other! The thick, oily, grounding elements of water + earth are what make Kapha the bountiful and cuddly dosha we all need in our lives. 

Kapha keeps your body stable, healthy, protected, and informed. Their stature includes:

– Curvy, with a broader frame
– Strong mental and physical endurance
– Smooth skin
– Thick, wavy hair
– Easy to gain weight, difficult to lose
– Strong bones and immune system

Written for Aevi by: Ceanna Saatsaz