Our Story

Our Story

Aevi means life in an old Norse language. This is what it means to us—
Aevi Product
To live thoughtfully, mindfully, simply.
To connect within and with each other.
To be grounded and open-hearted.
To be ever-curious and to share our knowledge and passion with others.
To be always growing yet embracing 
ourselves and each other as we are.
To cultivate community as well as
 personal experience.
To vessel an attitude that’s true to our being as a part of nature.
Aevi is our way of life. Welcome to it.

Our Approach

Aevi is our Scandinavian-inspired approach to living a balanced life. It is the philosophy behind our natural skincare products, too.

We believe in simplicity. Our products are made with the purest ingredients of the highest quality; without fillers, chemicals, fragrances or unnecessary preservatives.

We formulate with Northern European extracts and each ingredient is purposefully chosen. Our scent profile is unisex and inspired by Nordic nature, always with a therapeutic intention.

We aspire to an overall ethical approach to consumption. Our packaging is recyclable and sustainable for minimal environmental impact.

Our Background & Founders

Our intention

is connection.

Inspired by our Scandinavian roots and journey with sensitive skin, Natalie and Marie are devoted to an authentic, open-hearted and Nordic approach. Our intention is to inspire people to embrace their sensitivity as a way to feel, connect within and find comfort and confidence in their own, natural skin.

Radiate from within.

Aevi (pronounced a-vee, with a sharp sound at the end, AEVÍ ↑) comes from an Old Norse language meaning 'life' or 'eternity'. This is reflected in our approach to skincare and represented in our circular symbol with 'AEVI' written inside of it –echoing the circle of life, eternity and youth.